Selected Client List

During his career, Chell has been involved with numerous companies and clients. The attached is a select list shown for illustrative purposes only.


Reference Links


  Turnaround Management Association

  Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

  American Bankruptcy Institute

  Association of Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors






  Laser Eye Center

  GST Telecom

  The Washington Group (formerly Morrison Knudsen)

  Sure Save Supermarkets (Hawai)


  Dick & Jack Industries

  Oliver Peoples, Inc.

  Servall Packaging Inc.

  Breath Azure

  Major Brass Foundry

  Shop Television Networks Inc.

  Pilgrim Mortgage Corporation

  Citi Escrow Corporation

  Madison Avenue Properties

  Ballreich & Kantor

  Butcher Boy


  Warner Brothers

  Southwestern Alloys, Inc.

  Motown/MCA acquisition

  Marubeni Corporation of America

  North American Taisei

  Taiyo Yuden

  George Rice & Co.

  Komatsu Forklift

  Crossroads School

  Trico Industries

  Norton Abrasives, Ltd

  British & Commenwealth Shipping PLC

  Mills & Boon Ltd.

  Maclaran Publishers, Ltd.

  East Midland Allied Press PLC

  The Distillers Company PLC

  British Plaster Board Industries, PLC

  Banco Real SA (London)

  Bank of Cyprus (London) Ltd.



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